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Happy Birthday Twitter

Dave S - Thursday, March 21, 2013

7 years... that's all it took for a little social networking application to grow from a funny little blue bird into a juggernaut that boasts 200+ million users sending over 400+ million tweets per day. 

84 months... and Twitter has gone from obscurity into a strong force that has seeped into every part of our lives: politics, business, education, health care, entertainment, art, culture, sports and religion. Twitter can help you land a prestigious job or a place behind bars in the big house. It can help you become the leader of a country or help fuel a revolution that can overthrow a powerful dictator. 

2,556.7 days... is the amount of time it took for our culture to reinvent how we use words such as hashtag, DM, follow and tweet. We now "#" on platforms that don't even support the function- including human interaction via personal conversation (not that anyone does that anymore). 

61,360.7 hours... of transformation that picked up the public relations industry, tossed it about and flipped it on its head. In the words of a certain CEO from a prominent PR Agency, "Seven years ago Twitter had nothing to do with our industry, and now it's included in 95% of the work we do. If we had made the foolish decision not to get involved with Twitter, our doors would have closed years ago."

3,679,200 minutes... ago TV and news was responsible for breaking news. Now news breaks on Twitter before any other media source. Within seconds you can scroll through your Twitter feed and hear about the new Pope, the death of a celebrity, a masked gunman, the start of a revolution or see a picture from space light-years before traditional media will pick up the story and report on it. 

Now here's the real mind blower: 220,752,000 seconds is not that much time. Just think about where Twitter + our world will be next year; in two years; in 14 years. 

So Happy Birthday Twitter. Thanks for the revolution. 

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